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Professional of the Year

Arkansas Outstanding HR Professional of the Year Award

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Purpose of the Award

The purpose of the award is to recognize an individual that has shown outstanding service and has promoted the profession of Human Resources Management.


Individuals nominated for this prestigious award will be honored for outstanding service in the following areas:

  • Achievement and service that promotes the profession of Human Resources Management.
  • Service to an Arkansas Society for Human Resource Management and/or an Arkansas Local Chapter. (Offices held, dates, etc.)
  • Innovative solutions to Human Resources Management problems or issues.
  • Active Member of the Society of Human Resources Management.


A panel of judges will select the ARSHRM State Council Outstanding Professional in Human Resources recipient. The panel will consist of the current SHRM members from within the state of Arkansas as approved by the state council. The application process and recipient selection are overseen by the ARSHRM State Council’s Communication & Awards Chair.

Each judge will review and rate the applicant on a scale from 1 to 10 with “1” being the lowest marks for that criterion, and “10” being the highest. The winner of the ARSHRM State Council Outstanding Professional in Human Resources Award will be the applicant with the highest cumulative point total. If nominees do not meet the criteria as outlined or if no nominations are received, no award will be presented. Only one award will be given each year.

How to Apply:

This application must be filled out completely and accurately. Please PRINT or TYPE. You may attach additional sheets if more space is needed. Send your completed application along with any supporting documents to: 
Arkansas SHRM State Council
Attn: Tara Mauk Arthur
ARSHRM Communications & Awards Chair

Deadline is September 15 


To recognize outstanding professional performance in Human Resource Management, the Arkansas SHRM State Council, Inc., will present its annual "Arkansas Outstanding Professional in Human Resources" award at the next Arkansas Human Resource State Conference & Expo.

Current Recipient

Past Recipients

  • 2021 – Sheila Moss
  • 2019 – Patti Airoldi
  • 2018 – Marina Mueller
  • 2017 – Minnie Lenox
  • 2016 – Holley Little
  • 2015 – Beverly Joe, SPHR
  • 2014 – Michael Smith, PHR
  • 2013 – Charles Frost, PHR
  • 2012 – Dennis Cooper
  • 2011 – Cathleen Hoffman, SPHR
  • 2010 – Beverly Petty, SPHR
  • 2009 – Ed Wheeler, PHR
  • 2008 – Michele Burns, SPHR
  • 2007 – Tara Mauk, PHR, Hot Springs
  • 2006 – Steve Schulte, PHR
  • 2005 – Debbie Wheeler, SPHR
  • 2004 – Monda L. Barlow
  • 2003 – Irene DeHuff, SPHR; Donna Merriweather, SPHR
  • 2002 – Jim Corter, SPHR, Jonesboro
  • 2001 – Russell Gunter, SPHR, Little Rock
  • 2000 – Lin Blair, SPHR, Little Rock
  • 1999 – Mike Evans, PHR, Fort Smith
  • 1998 – Don Marr, PHR, Fayetteville
  • 1997 – Cheryl Crisler, SPHR, Fayetteville
  • 1996 – Tim Orellano, PHR, Little Rock
  • 1995 – Kathleen McComber, SPHR, Little Rock
  • 1994 – Helen Moore, Little Rock

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Nominees must be an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management SHRM. To nominate someone for the Annual Arkansas Outstanding Professional in Human Resources Award, please download and complete the nomination form.

Please include dates or length of service. Feel free to submit additional supporting documentation (i.e. resume, newsletter clipping, newspaper article) along with the nomination form. The award is to recognize overall involvement, commitment and contribution to the profession. Therefore, complete the information for each nominee over a period of time, greater than one year.

Self-nominations are not deemed appropriate for this particular award and will not be accepted.