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P.S. I'm Still Learning (2020)

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So how are we doing with our New Year’s Resolutions? Are you even the type to make New Year’s Resolutions or select your “word” of the year? So as you hopefully just read in my previous blog, I had a pretty big 2019 with both professional and personal goals that I set for myself. But our work is never done! Hence my article’s title P.S. I’m Still Learning. I hope by now someone has gotten my reference to the highly acclaimed Netflix movies To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and P.S. I Still Love You. Honestly, I have no idea if these movies are highly acclaimed. I just watched the first one this past weekend, and will watch the second this upcoming weekend. See #goals lol. 

Now as I envision my 2020 the word that comes to mind is value. My professional goal is to continually bring value to my organization. With that said, I am super excited because just last month after a 2019 full of demos, discussions, a final decision, then waiting for approval, followed by a lengthy contract process, my organization finally went live with a third party managing our exit interviews. Since I have been making a big push for this for quite a while, I am over the moon with excitement! Our anticipated outcomes include knowing the real reasons employees are leaving, discovering specific opportunities that require intervention to improve retention, obtaining actionable recommendations, and delivering effective retention strategies backed with data. Time for me to get to work!

Secondly, I have been tasked as a project lead of a new continuous improvement program in my organization. The project’s objective is to strengthen our workforce governance by examining labor costs and productivity, staffing, and position control and review to name a few. Doesn’t that sound absolutely exhilarating??

Third, lowering our organization’s vacancy rate is a huge focus of my HR department and organization. We have formed a team to drive projects that will in turn lower our vacancy rate. Fingers crossed! FYI, vacancy rate measures the number of FTE vacancies posted versus the number of budgeted FTE’s. So, if a department has 10 FTE’s budgeted and 2 FTE’s posted, the department’s vacancy rate is 20%. Essentially this number should be as close to 0% as possible.

Furthermore, to bring value I am focusing on strengthening our HR training for both leaders and staff. Last year, I collaborated with our Benefits Manager to make a training video for our new employees versus just our old PowerPoint presentation. Shout out to Shannon Hamrick and my video avatar which yes does bear a striking resemblance to me lol. I also created a brand new ADA/ADEA training for our leaders. I have some ideas for 2020’s training percolating…  I’m also in the works of launching a new affinity group for our Asian employees. Creating a safe and cohesive space for our employees to thrive is imperative, and I cannot wait to see the impact that is made with our second affinity group.

Lastly, I want to continue professionally developing myself and meeting others who are on the quest to do the same. Thus, I am super excited to announce ARSHRM’s first Young Professionals mixer/happy hour at this year’s state conference. We are holding the event at Theo’s Rogers on Tuesday, March 31st at 5:30pm (the day before the conference officially begins). Theo’s is within walking distance from the Convention Center. I encourage you all to register for the conference, and RSVP for this event. It is going to be a fun-filled, yet relaxing evening complete with appetizers and a champagne bubbly greet!

I implore you all to look ahead at your 2020, and at whatever goals or resolutions you have set for yourself personally and professionally. They say writing your goals down help immensely, and just by capturing my goals in this blog I oddly enough feel more accountable towards them. So let me further add my goal of better desk organization, because right now my desk is simply a mess…Writing it into existence! 

P.S. I have been making a big pitch to my boss to attend this year’s SHRM National Conference in San Diego, CA this summer. How VALUABLE of an experience would that be professionally and personally in 2020 right? See how I wrapped that back in (wink). Hope to see as many of you guys in Rogers this spring!

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