Despite post-pandemic recession concerns, HR opportunities are abundant. So much so that narrowing your focus might be the biggest challenge to finding a job.

"It can be tempting to apply to every single opportunity that piques our interest," said Kinyata Gray, SHRM-CP. "If a position does not meet your long-term career goals and aspirations, then we could waste our time and set ourselves up for unnecessary disappointments" by pursuing it.

She offered an example. If you strive to become a vice president or chief human resources officer of a large health care organization, applying for lateral positions in manufacturing or retail will not bring you closer to the outcome.

"Not every opportunity is for you, and that is OK. Do not rush the job search, and do not settle for a position that does not match your overall career aspirations just to get out of your current predicament," she said.

Gray has worked as an HR professional for 10 years and recently landed a new position. Less than a month into new role as the human resources director at Northwest Health Systems, she shares her advice for successfully navigating the HR job search.

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