Legislative Conference History


Legislative Conference History

Celebrating 20 Years of History

2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the Employment Law and Legislative Affairs Conference. We would like to acknowledge our past conference chairpersons who worked tirelessly to make all the 20 years of our conference a success!

2002—Nancy Martinsen

2003—Randi Ballard 

2004—Russell Gunter

2005—Andrea Woods & Rebecca Miller 

2006—Tara Mauk 

2007—Tara Mauk & Don Marr 

2008—Jean Madden 

2009—Tara Musgrove 

2010—Libby Mackey & Rickie Smith 

2011—Cassidy Boyd 

2012—Stephanie Amerson 

2013—Stephanie Amerson 

2014—Cindy Kolb 

2015—Susan Meadors & Brian Vandiver 

2016—Susan Meadors 

2017—Jill Hilton 

2018—Sheila Moss 

2019—Tim Orellano

2021—Heather Smith/Leanne Kamps

2022—Glenda Caton/Patti Airoldi