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DWS: Report Job Refusals

Categories: Legislative

Governor Hutchinson has directed the Division of Workforce Services to end Arkansas’s participation in federal pandemic unemployment programs effective June 27, 2021. For those who remain eligible for regular state unemployment insurance, DWS is conducting weekly random audits of work search records. Failure by the claimant to submit accurate documentation of job contacts can result in disqualification and denial of benefits.

Some employers have reported individuals who contact them to ask for specific information to put on their Work Search Contact Record but express no interest in applying for a job. 

Employers are encouraged to report any suspicious activity that could be related to unemployment fraud or a potential disqualification, even if you do not know whether the individual is claiming unemployment benefits. Contact DWS  when an applicant:

  • Refuses offers of suitable work.
  • Fails to appear for an interview.
  • Fails to appear for/pass a drug screen.
  • Fails to return to work when recalled.
  • Fails to return employer calls after inquiring about a job.
  • Deliberately presents oneself in a negative way to avoid job offers.
  • Negotiates hours and pay to stay below the maximum allowed to continue receiving benefits.

Employers can report to DWS in the following ways:


 1. Tax 21- Log in to Tax 21 using the second option you see on the Tax 21 homepage. Once you log in, choose option 3, 4, 5, or 6, depending on the type of report you are submitting. To report anything that does not fall into a category with a specific form, please use option 3. Report Unemployment Insurance Fraud.

2. Refusal of Work Form- This is an online form that you can fill out and submit directly through the DWS website.

 Questions about this information should be directed to DWS.

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