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ARSHRM Chapters - Got Talent!

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man with camera films a group of professionals

Let's use it to Engage SHRM members and pique the interests of non-members!

This year at the ARSHRM Leadership Conference we announced that we would be having a video competition between state chapters. We ask that each chapter develop at least one video that you can use among your chapters and that other chapters or the state council might benefit from using too. The goal is to create a video presentation that can be used to engage members and/or pique the interests of non-members.

Some possible video topics could be:

  • What does SHRM mean to me?
  • Why am I in a Chapter?
  • Why do I volunteer for SHRM/ARSHRM/Chapter?
  • What is the State Council?
  • What do I get from the State conference?
  • What do I get from the ELLA conference?
  • What is the State Leadership Conference and why should leaders and upcoming leaders attend?
  • Why should I be become certified?

Below are links to video examples that have been used at places of employment in an effort to increase employee engagement. They should serve as an example of what your chapter might create.

The winning chapter will receive special recognition at the ARSHRM State Conference and will have $500 donated in their chapter name to the SHRM Foundation.

The Sparkplugs Play

The Sparkans: “The Sparkan Family”

Sparks Medical Imaging: “This is How We Do It!”

Sparks Patient Financial Services: “Dance Mix”

All you need is a little creativity, something to video tape with, and the ability to submit your video by March 15, 2013. All video creations can be submitted to

via a YouTube or other similar type of link by that date. Make sure you to try to make your video unlisted so we can be able to unveil the winning video at the 2013 ARSHRM State Conference! (Video entries should be kept under 5 minutes in length. Multiple entries can be submitted from each chapter. By submitting the video you give ARSHRM the right to present the video at the State Conference and to be used for other ARSHRM related purposes.) Don’t forget to include a credits page on your video submission!

Happy Creating!

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