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2018 Sheila Moss

Sheila Moss has been serving the HR profession for approximately 20 years. Holding numerous positions for NOARK - Legislative Chair, VP, Pres. Elect and President of the chapter. State wide, she has assisted with various conference committees as a Speaker, Programs Chair, and Conference Chair… and is the 2018 ELLA Conference Chair.

With determination and dedication to this enormous field of HR, she has served as a compliance trainer and liaison for companies nationwide. She has advised the state legislature regarding I-9 compliance during a push to move Arkansas to mandatory E-Verify. After review of the legislation, Sheila worked diligently with Congress and the State Senate to pull the legislation due to the incredible detriment to Arkansas Employers. She has been called upon to advise the revamping of this piece of legislation. 

Sheila and her team are in constant contact with USCIS, ICE, DOL, OSC and other alphabet groups for clarification, answers and advice but has also had to advise the person on the other end “That’s not what your manual says” thereby bringing about needed changes.

She is lovingly known as the I-9 Lady because of her commitment to compliance and doing things the legal way.

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